Alejandra Gabin

Professional Photographer


When I was in high school I wasn’t very academic and I hated school. I would have been in very remedial class there was. As for being creative well I never felt I was. One teacher pulled my parents aside and said “you should really get this girl to leave school now, she is wasting her time”.

I was to find out many years later after testing that I was actually dyslexic. My parents were saddened by the news and felt for me but I was overjoyed to know that I wasn’t lazy or stupid. I just couldn’t spell and will never be able too. (as i write this there are red squiggly lines on most words but that’s what spell checkers are for Hallelujah!!)

Straight out of high school I studied nursing at uni, however after 3 years of trying to hide my little secret it all became too much. Writing reports for patients was making ME sick! That was difficult time as my self-worth took a good beating.

After having my children I studied IT, counseling and I became a beautician. I was happy being a wife and mother but I longed for something just for me.

To become a photographer was never a childhood dream of mine, it never entered my mind until 5 years ago. I walked into our bathroom to tell my youngest daughter Hannah that it was time to get out of the bath. What I saw stopped me in my tracks, she was in the most beautiful light, daydreaming, humming with her ears underwater. I felt an URGENT need to take a picture. I used my husbands compact camera and just hoped that it could capture a little of what I was seeing. That’s how I got started with that one moment, in that one moment I felt alive.


I am a extroverted, romantic, sensitive, emotional and sometimes really silly. All the qualities my teachers wanted to change about me. “ you better get serious or your not going to make it in this life”. I have come to realise that I need those qualities to do what I do.

There was a chance meeting between a photographer and a fire-fighter.
They were talking about what each other did for a living when the fire-fighter exclaimed….
“You’re the reason so many people run back into burning buildings!”

The photographer began to realise that the fire-fighter had seen, first hand,
how many people would risk their lives to go back and get their precious photos.

The photos that people keep represent their family’s history and sacred moments.
My hope is to capture both of these things for you.

We are all different and that’s a good thing.


Thank you Ale for being so enthusiastic, creative and dedicated to achieving something unique & amazing. I am so happy with the result and I have received nothing but praise when ever anyone has seen the photos. THANK YOU you are the bomb. Alex
I cannot recommend Ale Photography enough. My initial fears and apprehension at being photographed were diminished as soon as I walked in and Ale smiled and made me feel so welcomed in her home. She is passionate, enthusiastic and professional to say the least. Ale made me feel so comfortable and before I knew it the shoot was over. She takes the time to make you feel so special and I never felt like there was a rush to finish up. Thank you Alejandra for making this 40+ gal feel a little more beautiful on the outside :- Your partnership ...
Thank you for such a wonderful day & for making me look beautiful.... Fabulous photography, Fabulous make up, True artistry... Would highly recommend this experience:)
I have worked with many photographers in my 13 years of doing makeup and Ale is one of the best I've seen! If you need a photographer, make sure you give Ale a call! She is amazing!
Ale thanks so much for an amazing day!!
You are a true artist, wonderful and beautiful!! Bless you xx
As a mum I always find myself on the other end of a camera lens capturing baby smiles, cheeky giggles and first steps. It's only when I look back that I realise my sons might wonder where I was? Ale solved this problem for me with a beautiful collection of family photos. Time passes by, babies grow up and we will grow old but we will be able to look back on these pictures with love.
We have used Ale Photography for those special moments in life we would always cherish. Ale has been so professional and accommodating and she has always delivered quality photos with fantastic service. You never feel like a transaction with her, the very fact she gets to know you first before she starts her work. Its so rare to have professional photographers take the time to get know not just your immediate family but also your extended. She has taken our first born, Xavier and now our daughter born earlier this year. I cannot highly recommend her any more. Thank You ...
Initially I felt apprehensive having photos taken because of years of low self esteem. I cannot express enough how Ale made me feel. So beautiful & comfortable it was difficult not to smile. I was overwhelmed when I saw her work. She is a genius at her craft. Her professionalism is outstanding & I would recommend her to any woman who wants to feel great about themselves. I can't forget the wonderful makeup artist Amy who did an amazing job.
One of the most fabulous experiences of my life to first have my maternity shoot then my baby boy photographed. Ale is so professional and creative while remaining personable and warm. My husband, baby boy and I had a wonderful time and recommend anyone to have photos done by Ale. She's truly amazing and takes the most breathtaking photos. Ale has captured the most precious time of our lives and I'm so thankful I have these memories to keep forever. Thanks again Ale.
Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs you have taken of me and my gorgeous girls. They are precious memories that we will have forever. You have an amazing talent, but most of all you are beautiful, kind, warm, generous and loving.
The afternoon was filled with cuddles from my babies and adventurous walks where all these special moments were captured. When I look at the photos I am blown away with the perfection of each one, and how natural they looked. I was so happy and could not wait to have them in an album and up on my walls. I love my photos, they are very special to me and I will treasure them forever. Thank you Ale xxx.